The Dante Manor makes a return in Lucius III, remaining a burnt wreck after the events of Lucius.

The player can travel through this wreckage and see the events of the first game through flashbacks in various areas. Not much of the place is recognisable, with the most easily identifiable areas being the library, the garden, and the remnants of a staircase. Later on, Gabriel grants Lucius access to the basement, where the Dagger of Destiny can be retrieved from.

Notebook EntriesEdit

  • The Dante Manor, or what's left of it.
  • Yes. My old home, burnt to the ground. I have some fond memories of this place, like riding my tricycle through the hallways. I'm sure there's still something useful somewhere underneath the rubble.
  • I've met Gabriel here. I'm not his biggest fan. He explained to me quite extensively about the history of the situation. Alright, I get it. There's good and there's evil. Anything else?
  • I've found part of a latin phrase from a burnt book. The words were "Novit enim Dominus", which translates to "For the Lord knows".