Fabius Wagner
Date of Death:April 1, 1973
Cause of DeathStabbed by Lucius in the secret chamber of Dante Manor
Hair:Black, greying
Voiced by:Mark Dodson

"This is where it happens, Lucius. This is the heart of Dante Manor. All sorts of things have happened here. I have entertained guest of the highest stature."

~Fabius Wagner after Lucius finds the secret chamber.

Fabius Wagner is Lucius's paternal grandfather and the one who built Dante Manor (including the chamber). His portrait can be seen hanging in the lobby.


Fabius has amassed an impressive fortune over the years by involving himself first with the Mob and later with the occult, becoming the leader of a satanic cult which entertained "guests of the highest stature."

As a result of his affiliation with both the crime world and the occult, his son Charles becomes the senator. However, his other son Tom only manages to become a womanizer and domestic porn producer, which Fabius considers an insult to the family name. As a consequence, he refuses to attend Tom's funeral after he apparently commits suicide.

He doesn't seem to be very content with Charles either, who is aware of his father's past mob connection and is not happy about it, given his ending term in the senate and incoming elections.

Given his satanical affiliation, Fabius is averse to anything having to do with Christianity and is enraged when Lagel and Dicosimo attempt to offer religious assistance to the family.

Satanic Connections

Presumably disappointed with his two sons, Fabius considers Lucius as the only chance for the Wagner name to carry on its tradition of influence and power and lead his satanic cult to "the way". Therefore, he agrees to a pact with Lucifer, in which he allows him to "take his due" from the bloodline of the Wagner family. Fabius believes that this means offering the soul of Lucius as a token of his allegiance. However, as no deal with the Devil comes out in the mortal's favor, Lucifer has a totally different view of "due from the bloodline", which means reaping the souls of the entire Wagner estate, including staff, visitors and Fabius himself.


  • "Who is that? What... Get the hell out of my house! Bloody parasites! Take your skirts back to the poor Micks in town, they'll swallow your Jesus crap, but get off my lawn or I'll give you a reason to pray for your Easter bunnies." - Fabius to Father Lagel and Father Dicosimo.
  • "You're trespassing. I could have you shot." - Fabius to Wayne Preston.
  • "The master said that he'd take his due from my bloodline. I'm sure you are what he meant. Get this table ready for the ritual while I find the right scripture." - Fabius to Lucius Wagner.

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