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Fabius Wagner
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: April 1, 1973
Cause of Death Stabbed by Lucius in the secret chamber of Dante Manor
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, greying
Occupation: Satanist
Voiced by: Kai Hendrik Möller (German)
Mark Dodson (US actor/VO set)

"This is where it happens, Lucius. This is the heart of Dante Manor. All sorts of things have happened here. I have entertained guest of the highest stature."
― Fabius Wagner after Lucius finds the secret chamber.

Fabius Wagner is Lucius's paternal grandfather and the one who built Dante Manor (including the chamber). His portrait can be seen hanging in the lobby.



Power hungry and ambitious, Fabius has amassed an impressive fortune over the years by involving himself first with the Mob and later with the occult, becoming the leader of a satanic cult which entertained "guests of the highest stature." His devotion toward satanism saw him developing intense aversion to anything related with Christianity and arguably other religions as well as building a demonic sacrificial chamber hidden beneath what would be Dante Manor.

At later points in his life, Fabius married an unknown woman with whom he sired two sons; Charles and Tom. Whereas the former managed to become a US Senator (partly thanks to his father's affiliation with both the crime world and the occult), the latter became a womanizer and domestic porn producer, which Fabius considered an insult to the family name. Yet, Fabius found little satisfaction from Charles' success and they became emotionally distant from one another, likely due to aware of his father's past mob connection and is not happy about it (given his ending term in the senate and incoming elections) as well as being a genuine Christian.

Presumably disappointed with his two sons regardless, Fabius considers his would-be grandson Lucius as the only chance for the Wagner name to carry on its tradition of influence and power and lead his satanic cult to "the way". Therefore, he agreed to a pact with Lucifer, in which he allowed him to "take his due" from the bloodline of the Wagner family. For that, he conducted a ritual so as a demonic force became one with Lucius as soon as he was born, rewriting Charles' genes in the boy into those of Lucifer through it (a ritual seen in the game's opening scene). Fabius believed that this means offering the soul of Lucius as a token of his allegiance. However, as no deal with the Devil comes out in the mortal's favor, Lucifer has a totally different view of "due from the bloodline", which means reaping the souls of the entire Wagner estate, including staff, visitors and Fabius himself.


Fabius is first seen in "Cold as Hell" attending Lucius' 6th birthday as with other inhabitants in Dante Manor. He and Charles then engage in conversation as Nancy asks Mary to let her son accompany her in cleaning up dishes but nevertheless reminds to ensure Lucius to be in bed once it's 10:00 PM. Fabius also attends the Christmas dinner as shown in "Holy Day Slip" during which he expresses his distaste over Charles' attempt to lighten up everyone's mood through a speech to remember those who perished in the manor from different circumstances.

Throughout Detective McGuffin and the police's investigation on deaths in Dante Manor, Fabius occasionally hints his involvement in it albeit in minuscule amount so no one, not even his family figured that out easily. In "Fatal Affair", when Lucius enters Fabius' study and meets him while looking for his camera, he reassures his grandson that he knows the ongoing calamities in the Manor and that he "has seen the signs". In "Grass Is Always Red On This Side", Fabius is having a fallout with Charles over the former's absence in Tom's funeral as well as their ill-gotten wealth. During the same fallout, Fabius coldly states that Tom is not his son for being the greatest shame of Wagner family and Charles should be grateful for his own achievement before ominously states that they all are part of larger scheme of things in which those who managed to endure will be rewarded. Later that night, upon seeing Lagel and Dicosimo visit the Manor to offer religious assistance to the family while conversing with Susan who expects them, Fabius got angry and kicks them out. As this happens Wayne Preston, the ambitious reporter, apparently used this opportunity to sneak into the manor for information, but Fabius catches him in the act in time before knocks him unconscious, however.

In "Betrayal" and "Into The Fiery Furnace", it is dark and stormy night when Fabius wakes Lucius up. It's not midnight yet and knowing that Lucius already discovered the satanic chamber beneath the manor, he asks his grandson to meet him there. Once Lucius does, Fabius reveals that he is the head of a satanic cult which has entertained "guests of the highest stature" and that Lucius is the "prophecy", the one meant to become their leader and "show them the way", having ensured his birth through a pact with the "Master", Lucifer. As impressed as he is with the growth of Lucius' infernal might so far, Fabius chides the boy for his reckless which nearly risked the discovery of their true colors before asking him to help prepare for the sacrifice (Wayne). It's clear that he believes that Lucifer, has taken his due from the Wagner bloodline from Lucius' birth, but failed to take the account that in actuality, the pact means reaping the souls of the entire Wagner family, including his own. Worse still, Fabius remains ignorant to the true price of the pact to the end and perished when Lucius fatally stabbed him on the back with the ceremonial knife, killing the elder Wagner. Wayne, the intended sacrifice, awakes soon after only to be dispatched by Lucius who burned him to crisp in a quick yet tough battle.

Following his death, his darker secrets ultimately unfold itself upon Charles. When he enters his father's study out of curiosity, Charles finds Book of Leviathan, the final book of The Satanic Bible, and is horrified by his discovery. He then shares what he found to Nancy and suggests to have Lucius examined by a psychologist because of his quiet nature might have something to do with it and the calamity that befallen them all.


"Who is that? What... Get the hell out of my house! Bloody parasites! Take your skirts back to the poor Micks in town, they'll swallow your Jesus crap, but get off my lawn or I'll give you a reason to pray for your Easter bunnies."
― Fabius to Father Lagel and Father Dicosimo.
"You're trespassing. I could have you shot."
― Fabius to Wayne Preston.
"The master said that he'd take his due from my bloodline. I'm sure you are what he meant. Get this table ready for the ritual while I find the right scripture."
― Fabius to Lucius Wagner