Date of Birth:Unknown
Gender:None, but takes male form
Status:Alive/Deceased (depends on player choice)
Cause of DeathStabbed with the Dagger of Destiny by Lucius
Voiced by:Unknown

Gabriel is a major character introduced in Lucius III. He first appears in the introduction, standing in the middle of the road McGuffin is driving on. The bus crashes as McGuffin swerves to avoid him.

He is encountered throughout the game and plays an important part in explaining the lore of the world.

Gabriel claims to work for the "Big man upstairs", thus indicating he is the Biblical Archangel Gabriel.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Gabriel's personal life. Outwardly, he appears to be a friendly, cheerful and laid-back person who rarely shows any negative emotion.

His way of handling things is mostly through persuasion rather than direct confrontation even when he is able to. In his view, this is a way to allow humanity to use their free will - something his "Boss" prefers. This principle of his can be seen multiple times throughout the game: Gabriel frequently expresses his disapproval of Lucius and McGuffin's atrocious crimes, yet he never takes any real action against the pair.

Appearance Edit

Gabriel appears to be an attractive middle-aged man with light brown hair pomaded neatly.

He wears a bright yellow suit with an unbuttoned up white shirt inside. Gabriel is constantly seen with a cigarette in his mouth.


Because of Gabriel's "non violent" principle, not much of his real ability is shown. However, it is implied that he is an incredibly powerful being. For example, he states multiple times that he can easily kill both Lucius and McGuffin if he wants. Another instance is when Gabriel effortlessly lifts the heavy rubble to clear a way for Lucius.

Lucius's Notebook Entries Edit

  • Strange fellow with a peculiar glow about him.
  • McGuffin crashed the bus because of him. Apparently they even had a conversation while I was unconscious. Strange feeling. I've never been unconscious. I suppose I'm not invulnerable after all.
  • He is acting as the district attorney on our case. I wonder how he will proceed. I think he already knows pretty much everything and I wonder what his motives are. No doubt he is here to wreak havoc on our plans.
  • Gabriel must have bought Ivor's house recently. It's in terrible shape, probably just a front for his operations. There could be something inside.
  • He is the type of person that shows up when least expected

Trivia Edit

  • He holds a striking resemblance to the now deceased celebrity David Bowie.
  • His room consists solely of a chair facing a wall. This makes sense given that he is an angel who has no physical needs.
  • He can be found sitting in his office at the Town Hall during chapter 3 and 4.
  • Papers on his desk suggest that he is keeping Lucius's real identity a secret from the ongoing investigation.