Gas station concept

Gas Station Concept art

The Gas Station is a location introduced in Lucius III, in the town of Winter Hill.

The place is owned by Bruce Williams, who alongside selling gas will also sell car parts, and other various items. The most notable of the items he sells is the Oil Filter, for near $20, which only comes into stock on the 29th of October. Lucius can buy this and give it to Ferguson in order to go on a fishing trip with him, where Ferguson shall befall "an accident".

Whilst the player is unable to buy anything else from the store, it can be seen that he sells candy bars, bread, and coffee, as well as items for car maintenance. As an Easter Egg, three copies of the original Lucius game can also be found on one shelf.

Williams has a living area attached to the back of the gas station, with its own private bathroom, and a lounge with a television. There is a storeroom adjacent to this, which leads to a garage on the right. In there Williams has a car and even more tools for car maintenance.

Notebook EntriesEdit

  • The Gas Station, run by Bruce Williams.
  • I've found a flyer about a possible Halloween party. It's interesting that the guests would all be wearing white pajamas. This reminds me of "The Martyrs" painting by El Greco.