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Gene Lucius.jpg
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: July 12, 1972
Cause of Death Severe facial burns due to tampering by Lucius.
Occupation: Campaign Manager
Voiced by: Kai-Hendrik Möller (German)
Dave Rivas (US actor/VO set)

Gene is the campaign manager of Charles Wagner and seems to have a certain amount of influence over the media, "making sure" that the press doesn't get too interested in Mary's death. He is helping Charles run for another term in the Senate, constantly visiting Dante Manor and having prolonged business meetings with him.

He is an old friend of the family and knows Lucius since he was little. An inadvertent chain smoker, Gene will meet his end due to his habit in Chapter 2.



Gene is a campaign manager who works for Charles Wagner in ensuring his client's personal matters not reached the ears of the press and managing his campaign as US Senator in his current term as well as the next for quite some time. As the old friend of Wagner family, he knew the young Lucius when he was very young. As with Ivor, Gene is quite a professional in his job despite having an unhealthy habit that made Nancy reassuring Lucius that he's a good person despite being odd where in his case, being a chain smoker.

It can be inferred that as with everyone else in Dante Manor, he was unfortunate to be mistreated by Agnes Morgan, Wagner family's head maid, everytime they interact.


Gene is first seen in "Smoking Kills" where he reassures Charles that he will keep the press out of Mary's death since he had taken care of similar issues previously. While waiting for his current client tidying up some papers, Gene is tricked by Lucius to scorch his own face with a stove that already sabotaged prior with Ivor's screwdriver thus resulting his fiery death, but not before stealing his matches.