1. Ouija board 2. Music box 3. Tricycle. Any questions?


Gifts are rewards you receive if you have been a very good little boy and achieved 100% behaviour status by completing your chores.


The gifts help you complete your tasks faster or can show you the way if you get stuck.

  • Ouija board - available at chapter 3, it will give you riddles that will hint you on what you need to do. It is the most helpful item of the three.
  • Music box - available on chapter 4, it will show you where you need to place certain items. It has a limited number of uses per chapter, so be careful when using it.
  • Tricycle - available on chapter 4, it will help you get to where you want a lot faster. You can leave it anywhere, as it respawns in your bedroom at the beginning of each new chapter.


As of patch 1.01.3311, the Ouija board can now be acquired in chapter 4.