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Chapter dateEdit

April 1, 1973


Wayne Preston


Show Wayne Preston that it takes a little more than cross turning and knife thrusts to defeat the Son of the Devil. As soon as he wakes up, Wayne will be able to set himself free and grab the knife from Fabius' back. You will hurl a fireball at him and inadvertently turn an inverted cross back on its feet, weakening you. Wayne immediately spots this and proceeds to turn all crosses and will try to stab you dead. After the reporter is dead, your father will discover your grandfather's writings , realise the curse placed on you and fruitlessly share his concerns with Nancy.


Огненный предел

Огненный предел

Turn over the crosses with normal grab, switch to Combustion and, while Wayne is busy turning them back, fry him silly. Rinse and repeat until he burns to death.

Notebook updatesEdit

  • Wayne. Reporter. Fabius caught him sneaking around the mansion and strapped him to the sacrificial table. I on the otherhand stabbed Fabius.
  • I can feel something running through my veins. The flames of hell are running through me.
  • Wayne is turning the crosses so that I'll grow weaker. I'll show him.
  • He is no longer a threat. They can both stay here in the chamber. No one will ever know about this.


This chapter is slightly more challenging because it relies on how fast you can switch between the normal grab (for turning the crosses) and Combustion. To defeat Wayne, you have to go against your instinct of running away and stand near him as he turns back the cross, load Combustion and let him have it. While he is knocked down, you can turn the same cross to keep him busy (his AI will make turning crosses take precedence over killing you). This way you can safely and effectively keep Wayne in a stun-lock and kill him quickly without all the running around.


The combustion skill causes the target to enter ragdoll, even if the fireball is weak. This can be used to your advantage both here and in the final chapter when fighting against Lagel and Dicosimo.


Wayne can block you into the wall and, while he cannot kill you, the only thing you can do to escape is to reverse the cross fast enough to load Combustion and push him away from you, although he will turn the cross back as soon as you reverse it, giving you a very small time frame to load your fire. While running away from Wayne, it is possible to clip through the door and torch him from the hallway at a safe distance as he cannot open the door and get to you.