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Ivor Photo Lucius.jpg
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: August 4, 1972
Cause of Death Skull crushed by piano sabotaged and levitated by Lucius' telekinesis
Age: 48
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Occupation: Janitor
Voiced by: Konstantin Graudus (German)

Kurt Ehrmann (US actor/VO set)

Ivor is the janitor and occasional handyman in Dante Manor. An imposing, heavily build alcoholic, he staggers and mumbles his way through the mansion, fixing whatever appliance needs attention.



Ivor has worked with Wagner family as their personal janitor and occasional handyman for quite some time. Despite being an alcoholic, he is professional enough not to let his unhealthy habit from getting in the way of his work. For the same reason, however, Charles at times worried such habit would result the man to be occasionally sloppy thus leading to unwanted accidents.

It can be inferred that as with everyone else in Dante Manor, he was unfortunate to be mistreated by Agnes Morgan, Wagner family's head maid, every time they interact.


He is first seen in "Smoking Kills" while fixing a broken lamp in the top level of the western wing during which he doesn't realize Lucius stole one of his screwdrivers to sabotage the Wagners' oven in a bid to kill Gene. After the campaign manager's death, Ivor becomes suspected of professional neglect by both the Police and the family judging from circumstances pertaining such accident but not brought into questioning due to lack of necessary proofs, unaware with Lucius' sabotage.

In "Tone-Death", Ivor is busily fixing a toilet seat in the bathroom at Dante Manor's west wing when Lucius secretly adds the entry 'Fix the piano' into his notepad and steals his wrench knowing that he won't suspect a thing due to him working while drinking this time. The oblivious Ivor then examines the seemingly broken piano unaware that Lucius had unscrewed its legs' bolts with his stolen wrench as well. As soon as he is distracted, Lucius telekinetically removes the piano's legs all while keeping it afloat with his powers from the distance, savoring Ivor's moment of confusion and shock before dropping it to crush the lower half of his skull, killing him.

After Ivor's death, Charles confessed to Detective MacGuffin that he's already aware with the man's flaws and planned to fire him, but had no heart to do so due to their current situation.