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First talking with Lucifer after Mary's death.

Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: None, but takes male form
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: June 6, 1972
Cause of Death Stabbed with the Dagger of Destiny by Gabriel
Age: Eternal
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Occupation: The Devil
Voiced by: Kevin King (Lucius)

Mark Dodson (Lucius III)

Lucifer is the "father" of Lucius, even though Lucius is born to Charles and Nancy Wagner. He is the one who gives Lucius the killing orders at the beginning of each chapter. Lucifer first appears in Chapter 1, when he telekinetically shuts Lucius in the kitchen with Mary (at which point you will be locked and unable to exit until you kill Mary).

The first proper meeting with Lucifer takes place after Mary's death and he will gift Lucius with the notebook, a flashlight and batteries.

Everytime Lucius learns a new ability, Lucifer will provide him with a tutorial on how to use it in a firey version of his bedroom.

In Lucius II: The Prophecy, he stays away from Lucius for a couple of months but does appear to Detective McGuffin in order to tell him the truth and that he needs to protect Lucius as he brings about the end of days. It is revealed he has other sons including Isaac Gilmore who competed against Lucius to do actions that would sound off all seven trumpets of Revelation. After the seventh trumpet, Lucifer appeared to Lucius to give him the sacred scroll with its seven seals which he still needs to break. During the epilogue, he is riding on the bus as he explains that though he has many sons, Lucius is special as his little antichrist.


  • If the player points the flashlight at him, his shadow will have curved, pointed horns.
  • As part of an easter egg, at the end of the 2nd game, it is possible to kill Lucifer along with the other occupants of the bus except for McGuffin who is driving it.