Lucius Demake is a remake of the first Lucius game that was released onto Steam on August 9th 2016. It is jokingly called a "Demake" because of its premise of being a lower graphical version of the 2012 game as if it were to be an early click and point adventure game made in the 1980s. It was conceived after a fan-made 16 bit image of the original game went viral online and Shiver Games took it as an interesting concept to pursue. An official announcement was made on June 6th 2016 which of course is Lucius Wagner's birthday which noted this game would come before Lucius III since that game is "gonna take some patience" to make. It is unknown currently if this will be a one-off or if a Lucius II Demake is planned. The game was later released to Android devices on October 10th, 2017 and it can be bought on the Google Play and Amazon App stores. An Apple release has not been announced yet.

Changes and Trivia

  • Instead of 3-D, the game environment is now completely 2-D.
  • During night scenes, the entire screen goes black and the flashlight must be used to see anything.
  • If a game like this had been released back in the 1980s, it would likely be a video game adaption of The Omen which was the main inspiration for Lucius.
  • All the of the spoken dialogue is now silent and in a text box which also indicates the character saying it.
  • All of the chapters tend to be the same except for the final two:True Fan of Destruction and The End is Here. In the first, Lucius levitates the statues into the fan causing it to break. During the second, there is only one option each to defeat the priests and Charles Wagner. Father Lagel is once again defeated by throwing furniture at him, but Father Dicosimo is in the laundry room instead of the garage. Dicosimo may only be defeated with combustion after all crosses have been turn. Also Lucius must defeat both priests while avoiding music notes which are on the screen. In defeating his father, only dropping the chandelier will work.

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