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Mary Lucius.jpg
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: June 6, 1972
Cause of Death Locked in the freezer causing her to freeze to death by Lucius
Age: Mid 50
Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Occupation: Maid
Voiced by: Marie Biermann (German)
Lani Minella (US actor/VO set)

Mary is the eldest maid in Dante Manor and a widow. Years of service and Agnes' harsh treatment have taken their toll on her body. She is frail and speaks in a sickly tone.



Mary was a widowed woman who has served Wagner family for a long time. Despite being the eldest among maids there and supposedly most experienced, that earned her ire from Agnes who mistreated her out of spite as much as with everyone else.


Mary is first seen standing behind Lucius in "Cold as Hell" as he blows out his candles for his sixth birthday. After the party, Nancy asks her to clear up the tables with Lucius's help which she does so before ensuring the boy is in bed before 10 o'clock on his birthday. While mopping the freezer, she doesn't realize that Lucius, as per Lucifer's instruction, locked her inside with a padlock and left her to freeze to her death.

To cover up his tracks, the boy awakes in early morning before anyone else so he can discreetly remove the padlock and subsequently made it looked as if it was a mere accident.

After everyone in Dante Manor discovered what had befallen her, an investigation was commenced around the kitchen with Detective McGuffin involved in the case. McGuffin suspects it to be a case of misadventure, but nevertheless begins the search while forensics work on the autopsy on Mary's body. Before they could come up with any of possible conclusion (poor heart or circulatory problems judging from her old age), two more deaths occurred in the manor.



  • She is the first victim of Lucius.
  • Her death is one of the only two (the other being Agnes) which happens off-screen.
  • She probably took the longest to die, as her demise was hours after Lucius had gone to bed.
  • Although not stated in the game, the room in the living quarters on the middle floor which is full of crucifixes (and is marked on the map with a cross) belongs to Mary.
  • The abundance of religious paraphernalia is in accord with her age and status of "widow."