A location that first appears in Lucius III, in its setting of Winter Hill.

The Mason Motel is owned by Banter Mason. It's strongly implied to be the location of several murders, and shown in-game to be the place where the woman parodying Marion Crane meets her demise. Ironically, it is also where Banter Mason himself is killed, in order to help bring about the end times.

The Motel itself is a single-floored line of apartments, with the reception occupying the leftmost section of the building. The owner, Mason, lives in Room 1, away from the main house behind the motel, stating that he does not wish to bother his mother with noise. The peepholes in Room 1 allowing vision into both Room 2 and its bathroom suggest he also has other reasons for living there.

Room 2 is later inhabited by a woman who signs herself in as "Maria Sodokin". She stays there until being murdered the night after going to dinner with Mason, in the room's bathroom. None of the other rooms appear to be occupied, and cannot be accessed by the player.

The house behind the Mason Motel can be reached by ascending a few sets of wooden stairs. The player cannot enter this house, but they can look through one of the front windows, allowing sight of the kitchen. In the kitchen can be seen a corpse, which Mason later refers to as his mother. The corpse sits at the table, arms hanging at its sides.

Notebook EntriesEdit

  • Banter Mason lives here. He is one strange fellow. I think there's also a female guest visiting. Behind this building there's an old house. Maybe it belongs to his mother? Hmmm... this reminds me of a movie I once saw.
  • Banter has peeping holes in his rooms, just like my uncle Tom. I wonder if they knew each other.