Music box table

Such a big tease until chapter 4...

The music box is the second gift you receive after being a very good little boy and achieving 100% behaviour status by completing chores. It becomes available as a reward in the fourth chapter, "Cutting Edge" , when you can also obtain the Tricycle. You can see it on your bedroom desk every time Lucifer visits you at night, but you can't pick it up, just activate it and listen to its lullaby tune.


Music box

Subtle enough for ya? Splendid example of "rock goes where"?

This thing was blessed by Lucifer in order to enlighten you as to where you should focus your attention in the noble task of killing another hapless human. In case you don't know where to place your items, the music box will show you to the right spot. It only has 6 uses per chapter, so handle it with parsimony.


The music box model is based on the SYH2M4 Tennifer handcrank. See it here .