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Nancy Wagner
Date of Birth: c.1943
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: June 4, 1973
Cause of Death Shot in the nose with nail gun by Charles who was brainwashed by Lucius
Age: 30s
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Housewife
Voiced by: Rebecca Gallagher

Nancy Wagner is the wife of US senator Charles Wagner and the mother of Lucius. She is in her 30's and is constantly patrolling the manor, monitoring the goings on of the house.



Nancy and Charles became acquainted sometime in the past leading to their eventual marriage and siring a child they named Lucius. The opening intro suggests that giving birth to Lucius was an extremely painful and possibly traumatic experience for her, which left her with a quite delicate mental balance. Though it appeared she had undergone psychological therapy to overcome the trauma of such ordeal owing to her family's wealth to afford it, her mental scarring would open once more upon the beginning of the calamity that consumed Dante Manor along with unfortunate souls who caught into it. Starting from only a handful of its inhabitants remained, she begins to sing to herself "Sur le pont d'Avignon" and towards the closing chapters is showing visible signs of anxiety and fatigue. It was Nancy who insisted that Lucius received the best education by providing him with a private tutor and watched that he was kept busy with chores around the house, even if they are a little debasing for a child of Lucius' status (ex. helping with dishes, picking up dirty laundry, taking out the garbage).


Nancy is first seen during the celebration of Lucius' birthday in "Cold as Hell" during which she has the maid Mary to take her son to bed no later than 10 o'clock albeit after helping her with the dishes in the kitchen. She and the others blissfully unaware with infernal changes that grow inside Lucius as he executed Mary by locking her inside the freezer and left her to be frozen to the death.

On the next day, Nancy and Charles discuss about the possible cause of Mary's death with Detective McGuffin, during which she wonders whether seizure had something to do with it. They then reassured by the detective to relax and focus on their own business while he and the police continue the investigation

In "Eat Healthy", the horrified Nancy and Charles are questioned by the detective about the one who usually serves inhabitants of Dante Manor their meals following the investigation on Agnes Morgan's poisoning. Though McGuffin suggests the couple to have a vacation until things improve a bit after putting Jovita's name into the list of possible suspects, Charles refuses, which didn't help his wife's mood. While Nancy understandably horrified by the head maid's grisly end, that's not to say her relationship with Agnes being amicable one as Detective McGuffin noted that clear every single one of the manor's inhabitants had antagonistic relationship with her, Nancy included.

In "Holy Day Slip", Nancy joins her family in Christmas dinner to remember those who passed away in the incidents Lucius secretly perpetrated. During that night, the driver Michael notices that "the lady of the house is losing it", revealing whatever emotional issues she had since delivering her son begins to resurface by aforementioned deaths. As with everyone else, she didn't realize Lucius claimed another victim in form of Alastair.

In " The Mind Can Take Only So Much", Nancy tells Lucius to leave Charles alone due to pressures from calamities that befallen everyone in the manor which drew unwanted attention from the press. Around this point, her sanity further cracks from her son's secret killing spree.

In "Betrayal" and "Into The Fiery Furnace", Nancy denies Charles' discovery and suspicion regarding Fabius' part in their ongoing misfortune and appalled by his suggestion to bring a psychologist to check on Lucius' well-being.

In "Shot For Education", the worsening calamity sees the extent of her worsening state of mind. Detective McGuffin claimed some of those he recently interviewed up to that point told him that they had heard her talking to herself and laughing without any reason. In fact, when Lucius briefly passes through her during "Peeping Tom", the depressed Nancy tells her son how lucky he is without realizing it. She did regain a bit of her composure in "Overdose Of Fumes", but even that doesn't last long as she soon having a tense argument with her husband where the latter denounced their son in fury and vowed to prove his true nature to her.

In her last moments during "American Schizophrenic", she is shown singing "Sur le pont d'Avignon" to herself with some of its lyrics changed into morbid ones on the bench near the outdoor shack. As she does, Nancy is unaware with Lucius who had reluctantly marked her for death and scheme to frame Charles at the same time. Nancy continues singing until Charles who intends to show his wife the proof of Lucius' unholy nature showed up only to be mind-controlled by his son who already showed up first and had him shot a nail through her skull from behind with the activated needle gun which burst through her nose, killing her and spilled bits of her face and brain to the ground right in front of the horror-struck Detective McGuffin and Deputy Terrence.



  • Chores:
    • Cleaning up his room
    • Brushing his teeth
    • Taking out trash
    • Finding a pair of lost earrings
  • Nancy can be considered to be equivalent to Katherine "Kathy" Thorn from The Omen franchise since both are mothers of a child antichrist. Unlike the latter, however, Nancy is truly Lucius' biological mother as opposed of adoptive one and mostly unaware with her son's unholy nature until it's too late. Also, unlike Kathy who perished due to intervention from a satanist supporter of Damien, Nancy died at hands of Lucius through mind-controlling her husband to perform the deed.