Ouija board 1

Yes, it's glowing to solve half the problem for you.

The Ouija board is the first gift you receive after obtaining 100% behaviour status from completing your chores. In the 1.0 version, when the Clean my room and Brush my teeth were repeatable, you could get it as early as Chapter 3. However, since version 1.02.3866, when every chore is unique (can only be done once), you can only get the Ouija Board in the fourth chapter. If you complete the game with all three items, you will keep the Ouija board in the first chapter, as well as the Music box and the Tricycle.


At the beginning of every chapter, the Ouija will give you a hint in the form of a riddle pertinent to the particular task you must accomplish in order to prematurely end the life of another human being.

  • The Ouija's riddles are stored in the journal, on the lower right page.

Riddle listEdit

Chapter 2 - Smoking Kills:

  • Every food gets done by me, turn me on and warm will they be.

Chapter 3 - Tone-Death:

  • I come in handy, I'm usually small. Some people use me when they get a call.

Chapter 4 - Cutting Edge:

  • With a switch my heart can glow, removes the darkness from head to toe.

Chapter 5 - Eat Healthy:

  • Rodents don´t like me, they die if they taste me.

Chapter 6 - Holy Day Slip:

  • My forms can be many, my uses can vary, but when i`m solid, I might be slippery

Chapter 7 - Fatal Affair:

  • In a blink of an eye, memories are born.

Chapter 8 - The Mind Can Only Take So Much:

  • Today I'm staying close to hell. In the chambers I like to dwell.

Chapter 9 - Grass Is Always Red On This Side:

  • When I win it's not paper that you bring, when you lose it's scissors that you choose.

Chapter 10 - Betrayal:

  • All the kings men, could not get humpty dumpty together. In those days they did not have a clue.

Chapter 11 - Into The Fiery Furnace:


Chapter 12 - Shot For Education:

  • Remember remember the fifth of November. I'm not the powder, treason or plot...

Chapter 13 - Peeping Tom:

  • Religious people use me for faith, you might turn me and gain your strength.

Chapter 14 - Overdose Of Fumes:

  • I do not choo choo, I eat no real food, I follow your commands and honk when you do.

Chapter 15

  • I'm used for combustion. the engine of destruction.


  • Today I am part of the glamour, before me they used a hammer.


Lucius's Ouija Board is based on the "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" theme model, released by Dark Horse. The original can be be seen here .