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Chapter dateEdit

June 6th, 1973


Michael, driver

Inventory items neededEdit

Прохождение - Overdose of Fumes

Прохождение - Overdose of Fumes

Dry rag, Industrial paint thinner

Ouija board's riddleEdit

"I do not choo choo, I eat no real food, I follow your commands and honk when you do."


To be added.


Go into the garage and find Michael and Will. Go back into the Utility room. By dropping the clothes iron into the washing machine again, you can lure Will out so Michael will be left alone. Michael will ask you to find his cassette, which is essential for you to pick up the paint thinner. When you find it, go back to the garage and give the cassette to Michael. He will put it in the radio, allowing you to pick up the dry rag and industrial paint thinner, combine them in your inventory to produce a wet rag and plant it on the table. Control Michael's mind to pick it up. Once Michael has fainted, use Telepathy on the car to start it. The car will then begin to release fumes that are being sucked through the air conditioning vents. You need to leave the garage and find Will, who will be fixing the washing machine. Mind Control Will to turn off the air conditioner and enjoy the cutscene.

Notebook updatesEdit

  • Michael the driver.
  • He has turned up the music. Somehow I need to get Will away from the garage.
  • He is now alone in the garage. There might be a way to get him now.
  • I have managed to pour paint thinner on a rag and Michael has fainted without Will noticing anything. I think I need to do something creative here.
  • It seems I can start the car with my mind without Will hearing it over the music. The fumes just aren't staying in. I will need to do something about that.


To be added.


  • When entering the garage in this chapter and the next, the cardinal sin "Sloth" is written on the wall in blood. The man marked with this sin is unknown.


  • If you make Michael smell the rag before you soak it, Michael will still faint.
  • If you made Michael smell the rag on chapter 13, it will be gone on chapter 14.
  • Starting the car on chapter 13 might make it unusable on chapter 14.