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The End is Here
The confrontation against the two priests
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The End is Here is the 18th and final chapter of Lucius.

Chapter date[]

June 6th, 1973


Three fathers: Lagel, Dicosimo and your own, Charles Wagner.


Action version: You must dispatch the 2 priests attempting to exorcise you and also trap your father in the fire which is about to consume Dante Manor. After all is done, you emerge through the front doors of the mansion and find McGuffin standing in the rain, gawking at you. Congratulations. You have completed the game.

Puzzle version: You must push back Lagel out of the room by throwing objects at him with your telekinesis untill he falls down and drops his cross. After you either blast him through the door in combustion or mind control him to repeatedly jab the cross in his face (effectively committing suicide), you must scare Dicosimo from under the chandelier in the hallway up into the next room where you'll notice a flaming pentagram on the floor. Stand on it to regain your powers and burn him with hellfire. After you've dealt with the two priests, lure your father into the hallway under the chandelier while avoiding too many flame extinguishers to the head. Mind control him to pick up a bust lying on the stairs then telekinetically drop the chandelier on him. Enjoy the cutscene.

Walkthrough (Action)[]



Kill Lagel and Dicosimo with Combustion while avoiding getting caught and exorcised. After that, using telekinesis, drop a pillar to trap your father while he puts out your Combustion with his extinguisher.

Walkthrough (Puzzle)[]

Hit Lagel with pieces of furniture scattered around to push him backwards. When he reaches the door, one more hit will make him drop his cross at which point you can combustion him through the door. Alternatively you can mind control him when he drops the cross then get him to pick it up and kill himself with it.

You are suddenly not able to use combustion and Dicosimo will run away from you when you approach. Chase him towards the garage and run past into the middle of 3 flames on the ground. Whilst standing on this you are able to use combustion. At this point spin around and fire a few shots at the doorway, one hit is enough to finish him.

Finally, your father will slowly walk towards you whilst firing his extinguisher, if he gets next to you, he will start hitting you. The red bar acts both as time and health as it is diminished when you are hit. To defeat him, use telekinesis on the chandelier until it starts sparking then command your father to pick up the bust on the floor and wait for the chandelier to fall on him, then use combustion on his body.

Mentions (Action)[]

  • Remember how your fireballs cause ragdoll knock-downs? If you time your Combustion corectly and don't overcharge, you can keep the 2 priests on the ground in an almost perpetual stun-lock. It is better to hurl smaller, quicker fireballs to prevent them from reaching you.
  • Try to hit them both at the same time, as hitting only one of them will complicate your escape and likely end in a game over.
  • Overcharging Combustion will cause an excessive blur on your screen, which can hamper your orientation.
  • Defeating your own father is similar to dealing with Wayne Preston. Charles has a fire extinguisher that not only will he use to put out your flames, but also knock you over the head with and game over. While Charles extinguishes your flames, he will stop chasing you. You need to lure him under the broken pillar next to the stairs in the lobby, hit him or the floor near the pillar with a fireball and switch to telekinesis (2). As he puts out the fire, concentrate on the pillar above and drop it.
  • When confronting both the priests and your father, it is helpful to charge your Combustion while moving so you can keep a safe distance.

Notes (Action)[]

  • At the beginning, the priests will not approach you unless you move first. This gives you time to prepare.
  • Avoid running close to walls, as you can get stuck.
  • You do not actually kill your father, as the pillar doesn't drop directly on him.
  • Be careful where you stand when using telekinesis, as the pillar can drop on you and kill you.
  • You don't need to hit your father with fireballs because he is immune to the knock-down and he will quickly snuff the flames. Hitting the floor near the pillar with Combustion is enough to keep him busy.
  • If your father is not extinguishing the flames in the right spot (behind the pillar) you won't be able to bring it down.

Bugs (Action)[]

Charging Combustion near walls or obstacles (door frames, pillars) may cause it to fail on release.

If either Lagel or Dicosimo gets stuck next to the round table, he will teleport to the entrance, effectively trapping you in between.

Bugs (Puzzle)[]

If Lagel's exorcism bar empties at any time after he has been knocked back at least once he will walk forwards again. Unfortunately there is only enough furniture in the room for one extra knockback so if this happens twice you have a very long wait before you die and can retry.

When fighting the second priest it is very easy to mistake the chandelier as being the solution, especially since he begins beneath it. All attempts to collapse the chandelier at this point fail and may even cause you to be "spotted" which considering the situation makes no sense whatsoever.

the second priest may run away too quickly when you reach the pentagram and your trying to fireball jim and it fails causing it to be so much more difficult than it is

When fighting your father, keep him behind you and walk into the front door. He will push into you making you clip through the door. You'll be able to have a nice look around the outside of the house. You aren't meant to get here though so expect some lack of collision boxes and holes in the ground.

When fighting your father he can put the bust down to the left of the stairs. If he kills you with a hit from the fire extinguisher it is possible to be stuck in an infinite game over loop. As soon as you reload you are already being hit in the head with the extinguisher and falling to the ground again. Exiting to the main menu and reloading the chapter 18 2-c will cause the game to crash. To get the bust back where it should be, chapter 18 2-b must be loaded.