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Chapter dateEdit

January 23, 1973


Uncle Tom Wagner

Inventory items neededEdit

You'll need the deadly poison bottle.

Ouija board's riddle:Edit

"Today I'm staying close to hell. In the chambers I like to dwell."


Poison your uncle Tom so that his death will appear as a suicide caused by grief over the loss of Jovita. Your father will have enough of McGuffin and will throw him and Terrence out of the estate. McGuffin confesses to Father Lagel about the apparent curse on the Wagner family, and the priest decides that the Church should intervene.


Разум не способен

Разум не способен

Go to the secret chamber and pick up the "deadly poison bottle" from the round table at the far right corner of the room. Go to the guest rooms and find your uncle Tom. In the closet you will find his whiskey bottle. Combine it with the deadly poison bottle, lay it besides Tom when he's not watching (wait for the crosshair to stop being red) and enjoy the cutscene.

Notebook updatesEdit

  • Uncle Tom. He has been drinking for a month now.
  • Seems like he actually had feelings towards Jovita. That reminds me, when I picked up the camera I saw a map on the table.
  • I have found the chamber. There must be something useful here.
  • I have added some of the poison I found from the chamber to Tom's whiskey bottle.
  • I placed a poisoned bottle near Tom. He didn't notice anything.

Mentions Edit

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Uncle Tom is the only victim who correctly identifies you as their killer. However, his realisation comes too late and he expires at your feet before he can lay a finger on you.

Bugs Edit

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