The trycicle of blinding speed!

This is the last gift you receive after being a very good little boy and achieving 100% behaviour status.


You can get anywhere faster, even more so if you press the sprint button (shift). It is a little clumsy to manuever, but it gets the job done.

You mount with mouse 1 and dismount with mouse 2.


  • Don't worry about forgetting where you left it after you dismount it, as it respawns in your bedroom everytime you start a new chapter (no longer true since v 1.01.3311).
  • This 3-wheel red wonder strongly resembles Danny's tricycle from The Shining. You even get to re-enact the hallway scene if you so choose... without the creepy twins, sadly.
  • The trike is a big-wheel low rider inspired by the AMF model of the 1970's.