Lucius Wiki
Date of Birth: Unknown
Gender: Male
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: June 9, 1973
Cause of Death Burnt to death by Lucius
Age: Unknown
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Occupation: Mechanic
Voiced by: Unknown

Will is the mechanic in Dante Manor. He spends his time maintaining his work tools in the garage while patiently listening to Michael's rants about Jazz music. He also fixes any broken appliances in the Utility room.



As with many staffs of Dante Manor, Will was hired by Charles Wagner and has served him for quite some time and not comfortable to work in the same building with Agnes Morgan. Agnes' abuse seemed not to be a big issue for him since he spent much of his time at the garage alongside Michael.


In "Eat Healthy", he is presumably among inhabitants of Dante Manor who questioned by Detective McGuffin for information as part of investigation revolving Agnes' death in which he shares his own resentment towards the cruel head maid as much as everyone else according to the detective.

In "Holy Day Slip", Will and the others join the Christmas dinner, blissfully unaware with Alastair's imminent death at hands of Lucius.

In "Peeping Tom", Will and Michael are on their business as usual until the former hears something caused the washer to break thus prompting him to check what happened, unaware that it was Lucius' doing as part of the scheme to electrocute Susan to her death.

In "Overdose of Fumes" and "I Am The Lord of Hellfire And I Bring You...", Will finds himself fixing the washer again where this time, being part of Lucius' plan to dispose him and Michael. The oblivious Will soon mind-controlled by the boy who then had him turning off the air conditioner so the whole garage is full of fumes from Charles' limo Lucius turned on with telekinesis earlier, resulting Michael being choked to his death. By the time Lucius' evil influence over him wears off, Will tries to tell McGuffin that he barely had something to do with his friend's death only for the detective handcuffs him to nearby rack, much to his dismay. To make matter worse, McGuffin unknowingly gives the hiding Lucius the advantage to execute his next victim by doing so; as soon as the detective is out of sight, Lucius telekinetically opens the bottle of gasoline above Will's head so its contents pour onto all over him before igniting it with a small fireball, burning him alive.

His charred corpse soon discovered by the horrified McGuffin and Deputy Terrence. The horror-struck deputy states that he had enough with the calamity that befallen the manner, but the detective insisted him to call paramedics instead. His death also drove Nancy further to the edge and not even her husband's reassurance quell her anxiety. In his rage, Charles denounces his son and vows to shove the proof to her.



  • When first encountered, he can be heard confessing to Michael about a nightmare in which he was burning alive with no hope of saving himself. Considering the 16th chapter, that was a premonition.
  • Chore: He tasks Lucius with finding a tire iron in the storage room.